Dr. Jim Seghers

I am a licensed clinical psychologist with expertise in scientifically-supported treatment modalities. As a life coach, my approach is rooted in positive (success- and happiness-oriented) psychology.

My orientation is holistic. I work within a "whole-person" framework that encompasses thoughts, beliefs, feelings, and behaviors, as well as spirituality, physical activity, and even diet. I emphasize context, process, and big picture thinking.

My approach is integrative. I incorporate a diverse range of techniques and approaches depending on the demands of the situation and the unique personal styles of my clients. This affords me considerable flexibility.

"People know more than they realize." "People are capable of more than they imagine. " I find these things to be true again and again. My greatest strength as a therapist and life coach is in facilitating a process wherein people can develop and maximize their own innate strengths.