Successful people invest in themselves.

To describe career coaching, I sometimes use the metaphor of a road trip: my client is in the driver’s seat, and I’m riding shotgun with a lapful of maps, travel guides, GPS, and knowledge of the terrain. Career coaching is a lot like this. It is a great way to get quality assistance with establishing professional goals, making career decisions, creating and executing plans, and overcoming obstacles.

Career coaching is a broad field, and encompasses everything from finding the right job to advancing in the field you’re already in to finding a completely new career. Anyone who’s stuck can benefit from coaching. Often your career issues are so close to home and emotionally charged that it’s hard to make the best decisions. Or even know where to start.

As a coach, I focus very carefully on my client’s present life and future, intently listening and asking questions, always believing that, in the end, only they know what’s best for them on the path to achieving their goals. I don’t tell clients what they should do. Instead, I work to empower them to make better decisions for themselves. As the client, you will do most of the hard work by being reflective and by not shying away from difficult subjects and issues in the sessions.