Stress. Anxiety. Relationship and career challenges. These very real difficulties of living represent potent opportunities for growth and transformation. A key first step is developing insight, combined with a willingness to accept increasing levels of personal responsibility.

In working with therapy clients, I adhere to a whole-person, integrative approach that incorporates leading-edge findings in psychology and related fields. I emphasize psychological factors (thoughts, emotions, behaviors), principles of mindfulness and acceptance, interpersonal connectedness, healthful eating, and physical activity. I also adopt a contextual perspective in addressing presenting concerns, taking into account personal and developmental history while emphasizing here-and-now experiences, choices, meanings, and beliefs.

I work with children, adults, and couples from a variety of ethnic, religious, and cultural backgrounds. I am most experienced in addressing clinical issues related to depression, anxiety, trauma, relationship difficulties, and parenting, as well as broader concerns of meaning, growth, and personal potential. I have worked with clients presenting a quite extensive range of concerns, including career concerns, bereavement, chronic pain, parenting difficulties, sexual and combat trauma, and generalized/existential malaise. 

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